Safety caps

I find safety caps very frustrating in the workshop as arthritis takes over my hands. However, I have the tools to ease the problem. Squeeze and turn tops can be defeated by using side cutting pliers on the lugs. Press and turn tops have a double cap. Use a screwdriver to lever off the outer cap, a sharp knife will trim the plastic projections, then hammer the lid back on. Only a little pressure is now required. Mensshedders always label their bottles and keep them out of reach of children.


Doing a bit of angle grinding today I realised that my legs were vunerable. Nearly all men wear short trousers in Queensland. I had a look at the men on a building site on the way home. Hard hats with sun flaps, safety boots, hivis vests and shorts. It seems that overheating is worse than sparks on your leg.


I was asked to make a WW1 replica coffin. I decided to fasten everything with screws so that it could be dismantled. The big local hardware store had no slotted screws, so I used square drive and recessed them.

Pros and cons: slotted can be cleaned and the slot can be hacksawed. Slotted drivers can be easily ground to fit. Power drivers easily slip off.

Phillips/pozi look nice. Need a sharp pointed tool to clean out the slots. Drivers tend to become unusable.

Square drive. They will stick to the bit allowing one handed, any position working. They are wonderful to use with a power tool. No pre-drilling required unless near the edge. The slot is hard to clean out if filled with paint. Drivers can be ground to fit as they wear.

Dog puzzle

I once hung up a sheep carcase overnight a little too low. The neighbour’s dog must of spent a long time jumping up to nibble bits off. So there’s an idea to keep your dog busy for a while. Just hang up a juicy bone at the right height.

Tim’s Blog

Welcome to all our new members. We are going to have a great community. Sorry I couldn’t be at the grand opening as I’m on my annual visit to family in Australia. (Any members want a discount day cruise in the Whitsundays, just ask!)

I’ve been attending the local mensshed (no z in Australia) and picking up useful ideas. The secretary here makes a great lunch.