Bishopdale Hub Meeting

Members of Timaru Community Menzshed recently enjoyed a great day out to attend the regional hub meeting at Bishopdale Menzshed in Christchurch. Hub meetings are an opportunity for Shed members across a region to get together at a different venue, meet new sheddies, see how other sheds are organised and gather new ideas for projects and improvements to to our own facilities. This trip was no exception. A lot of time was spent admiring the workshop and especially the dust extraction system at the Bishopdale shed. We will be working hard to see if we can replicate it for our joinery machine room back at Timaru Shed.

Each attending shed gives a brief overview of how they are getting along. There were 16 sheds represented and pretty well all of their spokespeople said the same thing. They were either in the midst of, or just starting on the road to expand their facilities. This demonstrates how popular and well thought of Menzsheds are in our region. They’re becoming a fixture in our communities and are helping a lot of us to stay active and engaged well into our senior years. Of course, just because your getting on a bit doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an ice cream on the way home.

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