Tanner Buzzer restoration3

buzzerdone.jpgThe top was cleaned with a power wire brush and then finished with a quarter sheet sander. I fitted a new belt by unbolting the motor and then clamping it back down. I got the length right on the second attempt. A new switch has been fitted to replace the tiny unsuitable original one. Next job is to find a spanner to fit the blade nuts. 9mm is too small and 10mm is too big. I’ll raid the donated spanners at the shed and grind one to fit.

Tanner buzzer restoration1

I have acquired a 6″ bench planer (jointer). The wooden frame joining the top to the base has been well chewed. It’s fairly straightforward cutting treated timber to replace it. Another problem was the blades were catching. A missing grubscrew meant adjustment was not possible. A temporary solution was found by borowing the grubscrew from the other handle. The on/off switch is no good and the previous owner had simply bypassed it. I’ve heard that switches on old tanners were not good enough.


Very early spring. I’ve seen a bumble bee looking around and inside the shed for a few days. So I’ve put newspaper and sheep’s wool into the box I made, put in a small container of sugar water and placed it in the shed next to a gap under the wall. Box design is in this website.

Little jobs

Our chairman made a lovely board to put our name badges in. Unfortunately paint and glue clogged up some slots. I used a multitool with a half-round cutter today to clear the bumps. Great suggestion from another member.

I also finished sanding and painting missing knobs off two bench drills. The taskmaster checked up on it later and got paint on his hand. Ha!