Orchard Stepladder

This was an afternoon’s work. Height 740mm, width at base 600mm, width at top 300mm, depth at base 640mm. The legs are fully treated timber, the rest is exterior grade. Screws are exterior grade square drive, with holes partly pre-drilled. The steps are decking off-cuts. The cross pieces are off-cuts and do not have to be shaped.

I found that the gap on the top is convenient for tucking my legs in to. The next version will have a more comfortable shaped gap. The missing step at the back is not required.

Decking timber could be used throughout, but the base of the legs should then be soaked in preservative. If to be used on soft ground, then 4 short lengths of extra timber could be used to widen the feet. The use of exterior grade timber means it can be left in the orchard all year.

Tips, putting screws into the steps can be difficult. Either angle the holes or use an extra-long bit. You can also add a vertical pole to hold on to.