This bbee-boxox is made from untreated plywood offcuts. The internal dimensions are 215mm by 230mm and 150mm high. The sides are predrilled, glued and screwed. The overlapping style at the corners makes the fitting much easier. The entrance hole is 25mm. A 22mm hole is also recommended.  The divider is a push fit. The lid is made large enough to have a drip lip glued all round. This keeps the lid in place and makes the box drier. All outside surfaces will be painted with acrylic. An optional entrance tube can be attached.
The smaller vestibule is designed to have a sugar-water container in the early spring in order to attract a queen bee. The larger space should have a layer of cardboard and then dry grass, wool or other bedding material.
This box is going to be placed inside a barn next to a gap under the wall. A good site is cool, dry and near the ground.