leather rack

An old leather belt makes a perfect screwdriver holder. You may be able to get old harnesses from a stable. Attach with screws, adjusting gaps and bulges as required.

I had some old corrugated iron to collect in my van, but the iron was too long. So I made a small cut at the right length, clamped on vicegrips, and pulled. Result, a shorter length of iron with a wavy edge.

Drill a hole in the blade of an old screwdriver. This can then be used to help with twisting high-tensile fence wire. Slot it over the wire and pull it round.

To pull staples out, try to fit another (barbless) staple through any gap. Now use a claw hammer on the second staple.

Worn out phillips screwdrivers can have a second life. This one was ground to fit square drive screws. It looks a bit rough but screws stick to it fairly well. Keep it cool while grinding. More grinding can turn them into a useful sharp point.